About Us

Mangala Tech Solutions specializes in delivering exceptional technical services, staff augmentation, and resource management. Our wealth of experience includes collaboration with industry giants like AT&T Mobile, providing us with a solid foundation for catering to prominent tech needs.

What We Do

We are your go-to source for comprehensive technical solutions. From unparalleled staffing services to resource optimization, we cater to diverse industries, including IT, social media, and healthcare.

Our recruiting teams at Mangala Tech Solutions undergo specialized training, hold relevant certifications, and participate in rigorous technical boot camps. Continuous education and engagement in mandatory courses and meetups ensure our teams maintain cutting-edge expertise in the technical world.

Our Focus

Mangala Tech Solutions owes its name to the essence of ‘Mangala,’ derived from Sanskrit, meaning ‘auspicious’ or ‘blessed.’ Reflecting this positive ethos, the brand envisioned a tech landscape empowered by expertise and innovation.

‘Tech Solutions’ conveys the core mission: providing comprehensive, cutting-edge technical services.

We believe in using technology to make things better for everyone. Our name tells a story of using tech to bring goodness and success to businesses, focusing on delivering excellence in everything we do.

Why You Should Work with Us

At Mangala Tech Solutions, our experience in scalable IT staffing and resource management is robust. Our teams have actively collaborated with industry leader AT&T, contributing significantly to diverse technical projects. Many of our specialists have maintained long-standing client contracts, highlighting our commitment and expertise in the field. Certifications and specialization across various technical divisions reinforce our dedication to delivering exceptional staffing solutions and staying at the forefront of industry demands. This means your project will be in good hands!

Our Mission

To assist companies in thriving through inventive technology solutions, fostering success in their endeavors. Our goal is to simplify business operations and drive growth for our partners.

Our Vision

We visualize a world where individuals, irrespective of economic diversity, remain at the forefront of the ever-evolving digital domain. This transformation impacts not only businesses but also enriches lives. Our ambition is to lead as a foremost solution provider, enabling businesses to flourish in a dynamic tech environment.

Our Core Values


We are dedicated to delivering
excellence in every aspect.


Our commitment to ethical
practices remains unwavering.


Together, we foster mutual success
through collaboration.


Innovation is fundamental in all our solutions.


We commit to being more than mere vendors, becoming reliable and empathetic partners for our clients.

Let's Build a Brighter Tomorrow Through Tech Ingenuity and Collaboration

For more information about working with or for Mangala Tech Solutions, give us a call or send us an email. We’re here to help in any way!

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